Launch Your High Ticket Offer To Boost Revenue

If your a coach you may have been enticed to create a high ticket offer.

But what are you supposed to sell and for how much?

In this post I'll break down exactly how to craft a high ticket offer and why every business should have one reguardless of niche you are in.

So grab a cup of coffee and let's jump into it!

What is a high-ticket offer?

High ticket offer come in all shapes and sizes. The philosophy of a high ticket offer is this. If you have a business you want to create a buying path that is infinite. The more things you can sell to your clients the more revenue you can produce.

The only three ways to grow a business:

  • Sell to more people (new clients)
  • Sell more frequently to clients
  • Sell more to clients

Building a high-ticket offer gives you freedom.

When To Create A High-Ticket Offer

A high ticket program is typically at the end of your funnel. Most often you see people build a free list of people, then sell something small, then sell something big. You want to ultimately create a pathway to selling as much as possible.

The more things you sell the more profit you get.


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